Monday, April 7, 2014

The Splendor of Neom Candles

I can be quite fickle about the scent of a room.  It's always the first thing I notice upon entering anyone's home or staying in a hotel.  It's easy to mask odor with a can of toxic spray but what's the point?  I've always preferred the luxury of candles - organic candles, if I can find one worthy enough.

Last week, after my aunt returned from her trip abroad, she raved about her new found obsession with the scented candles in the lobby of her hotel, the Neom Luxury Organic Candles.  She brought back a few as gifts, and thanks to her, I too have become besotted by them.  I've tried other organic candles in the past but these are simply exquisite.  Made with vegetable wax and pure essential oils - no paraffin wax (a petroleum by-product), no synthetic scents or chemicals added.  They burn for 20 + hours, 55 + hours for the large size.  So, each time this candle fills the room with its essence, your cares and worries of the day just melt way, your senses inhale the relaxing holistic treatment and you're just happier. 

That's what the candle on my nightstand is supposed to do - make me happy, especially since it's called Happiness.  Not only is this candle uber-fabulous for the fragrance it exudes, but the carefully combined oils have this incredible way of lifting your mood.  It blends White Neroli, Mimosa & Lemon for an awakening of spring - it's extremely pretty.  My sister, who is a month away from getting married, has already ordered a few happiness candles for her "getting ready" room, and will be giving them away as bridal take away gifts because that's how much she adores it. 

Another favorite is the Love candle, pictured above in black.   What is the scent of love?  My husband jokingly says, "It smells like it's baby making time."  I guess only time will tell, but for me, this fragrance is delicate, sweet and warming, it blends Tuberose, Mimosa & Jasmine.  Tuberose, if you're not familiar, is considered to be the primal scent of Hawaii.  It's a white flower with multiple blooms per stem, when the blooms open they release the most delicious scent, as seen hereThe Love candle promotes a peaceful aura and fills any space you put it in with the contented mood of looooooove. 

The third luscious scent on my list of Neom front-runners is the Enchantment  air diffuser, great option to take on trips, when staying in hotels or to freshen your room when staying a night over a friends.  Air diffusers are a nifty little creation, aren't they?  I love coming home to a sweet scent greeting me at the door, when I was younger, it was my mom's baking, now it's Neom's air diffusers - Bluebell, Guaiacwood & Rose, to be exact.  Reminiscent of a stolen morning walk in an ancient bluebell woodland. Wild, unknown and breathtakingly beautiful.  More scents to choose from here to tickle your nose for several hours. 

Lastly, there the Bliss candle, a wonderful 'feel good' scent for putting one in a euphoric mood, works to help you combat daily stress, as well as being a lovely backdrop for a sexy night in.  This candle smells of Morrocan Blush Rose, Black Pepper and Lime, utterly gorgeous and perfectly pampering.  

Whether I want happiness, love or a bit of enchantment to fill my day, or any other emotion that swells within me, I know these candles won't disappoint.  Are organic candles worth it?  Well, Is my health worth it?  There's your answer.....


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