Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fresh Carrot + Parsley + Pear Smoothie

With just the right amount of natural sweetness this is my ideal morning pick-me-up.  Fresh from our garden these carrots were ready for the picking.  I'm usually a regular green juice gal, but today my remedy for the A.M. grogginess is sitting right in this jar.

When my husband and I moved into our first home the one thing I remember thinking was, "I can't wait to start my own vegetable garden."  Growing up in the country my mother had the most beautiful garden full of all kinds of organic produce and rose bushes too.  She took so much pride in that garden, all of her time, effort and love went into it, and as a result our meals were always healthy and yes, even lovely flowers garnished our dinner table from time to time.   

There's something so satisfying about eating the food that you've grown.  Our carrots looked perfect this morning and so in line with my craving for this smoothie.  Who says you need a whole tray of produce to make a juice taste great, sometimes it's nice to just keep it simple. 

What I love about carrots is the huge array of vitamins and minerals it supplies your whole mind and body.  Not just great for the obvious - improving your eyesight, but also doing the same for your digestion, liver, blood sugar, immune system, plus promoting beautiful skin, hair and nails.  Whenever my skin is looking a little "off" I just drink this mixture once per day everyday for one week, and my skin gradually starts to improve, my blemishes begin to disappear and my complexion glows.  Carrots are just the bomb! (Does anyone ever use that word anymore?)

Parsley is also a favorite of mine, full of rich antioxidants and healing compounds, and makes for an excellent palate cleanser.  It gives juices such a vibrant taste that I try using it as often as I can in cooking and in juicing.  Parsley is high in vitamin C and folic acid, so just a few sprigs is all you need to get the benefits. 


4-5 Carrots
1 Handful of Parsley
1 Pear
1/2 fresh squeezed lemon (optional)


Blend all ingredients in high speed blender and enjoy right away!


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