Raw & Lovely is a personal blog dedicated to my two loves: health & beauty - free from toxic influences and chemical nonsense - with a side of good eats to boot (me + food = happy).  Whether it be raw, organic or just vegan, here you'll find my favorite finds -products I've tried, tested and become hopelessly smitten with along with some fantastically delicious smoothie & vegan recipes.

I have been everything from totally 100% raw to just 50% raw and 50% vegan, and what I've learned from my experience is that the key finding the right fit, is finding your perfect balance.  Eating clean and becoming ingredient savvy has helped me in my journey to great health; a mind and body in complete harmony lead to a happy & healthy disposition.  It's true that our body is our temple, and we should treat with care what God has entrusted to our possession. That's why I practice wholesome eating habits because good health is the greatest 
of human blessings.

All of my product reviews are done so through trial and error, although the ones I feature here have proven themselves worthy enough to discuss and bring forth to you other beautiful interested souls - they're all organic and/or raw in nature; favorites of mine that have served me well in life and have enhanced my beauty regime. 

This site is called Raw & Lovely simply because I think that anything in life that's unadulterated and untainted by man that appeals to the senses as well as to the eyes is what the Raw & Lovely lifestyle is all about.

Thanks for stopping by, 

R. Laura *

"Take care of your body.  It's the only place you have to live." - Jim Rohn