Monday, February 3, 2014

The Hair Oil Odyssey

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Your unique mop is your baby.  You care for it the same way men care for their beloved cars (minus the kissing and hugging).  And just like a car's engine needs oil to run, hair needs the same lubrication to perform its best.  Using the right hair oil can forever change the way your hair behaves.  After all, a lovely head of hair turns heads, so keep your strands protected, strong and healthy with a nice certified organic oil.

Pick the best oil suited for your hair's needs:

Intelligent Nutrients Treatment Oil -  You visited a salon lately and now your bangin' new hair color has you looking like you should be in a FeriĆ” commercial.  Before all your hard earned money goes down the drain with every single wash, use a fade protecting oil like this one.  Keeps color vivid and vibrant longer and even restores hair that's a little too brassy and wiry.  Great organic hair oil loaded with tons of vitamins, gets a two thumbs up!

Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil - An itchy scalp can be the symptom of a few different things; eczema, psoriasis, toxic shampoo, candida (yeast infections) even causes flaking of the scalp and dandruff.  But, relief is only a few drops away in this oil as neem leaf and chamomile extracts calm your itchy, irritated, tender scalp and rosemary leaf erases dandruff.  Snowflakes are for the winter, not your shoulders.

Leven Rose 100% Pure Jojoba Oil -  The word is out, Jojoba oil is that one multi-faceted oil that can do just about anything, except turn your water into wine.  For the fine limp hair beauties this oil is a must-have.  It adds life and volume and instant shine without the greasy feel.  It's light-weight and 100% organic.  Use on towel-dried hair right out of the shower, blow-dry or air-dry, then use another small amount to set your style in place and off you go.  This is a true winner.

Lulu Organics Hair Oil -  The two obvious factors missing in frizzy hair is hydration and moisture.  This organic oil has just the right ingredients necessary to turn that frazzled head of hair into something sleek and sexy.  Camelina oil is said to be the "Gold of Pleasure" with its rich source of omega 3's to improve elasticity and shine.  Turns a frizzy hair-don't into a smoother hair-do by coating the hair follicle with vitamins and nutrients for undeniable strength and growth possibilities.   

"Gorgeous hair is the best revenge." - Ivanka Trump

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