Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Thrill of Cleansing Grains

The phrase, "less is more", is usually something uttered in the cosmetic industry; wear your makeup, don't let your makeup wear you.  But the same can be said about skin care too.  Overdoing it with a cornucopia of ingredients doesn't always promise results, yet when kept simple, you'll see a positive skin reaction without  overwhelming your face.

The beauty of the Chamomile & Grapefruit Cleansing Grains is that it cleans and exfoliates.  It's the perfect remedy for stressed-out skin.  The use of organic grains, floral extracts, clay and vegan powders get deep down into pores to remove blackheads and whiteheads.  Once your pores are cleaner, they begin to heal faster and all you really need is a handful of ingredients to get the job done.

Breakouts cause pain and swelling, so the flower powers of rose, calendula and chamomile lend their disinfecting and healing benefits to the skin and inflammation is reduced.  Rhassoul red clay is also an important add-on, it has the fantastic ability to absorb impurities, toxins, and other contaminants from the skin.

Using this cleanser is super easy:  Add a spoonful of the grains to a small bowl with a bit of water to form a paste.  Massage the paste onto wet skin slowly for about 1 minute, then rinse with warm water and then cold water to close pores.  Leave on for a mask if you need deeper cleansing - 15-20 minutes, once grains harder onto the skin, rinse off, again with cold water to close pores.  

My skin always feels so much smoother and softer after I grain cleanse.  My serums penetrate deeper and work better afterwards as well.  Retire your ordinary cleanser for one week and try a different approach to combating breakouts.


  1. Never thought that cold water would close your pore. I will definitely remember this from now on . Nice blog and good tips

  2. You're welcome and thank you for stopping by :) Cold water works like a charm, also try taking a large ice cube and rubbing it over your face for a few minutes, that also does the trick.


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