Wednesday, April 24, 2013

May Lindstrom Skin Care Review

What woman doesn't love the occasional pamper-me-silly package? I certainly go nutty for it - the chance to sit back, unwind, and treat my skin to decadence's it normally doesn't get on a regular basis - sign me up please!  This time instead of driving to my nearest spa and spending a pretty penny for just one treatment, I decided to go for the more common sense approach - purchase the complete skin care collection by May Lindstrom and treat myself in the comfort of my home.  

I kick of my heels, slip into my V.S. lounge pants, through on tee and scrunch my hair up into a high bun, now it's time to begin the indulgence....

The kit includes:
  • Clean Dirt (Cleanser)
  • Problem Solver (Mask)
  • Youth Dew (Serum)
  • The Good Stuff (Body Oil)

Everything comes cased in dark amber glass bottles so that the delicate treasures inside don't get exposed to light or air and get destroyed.

Here's the breakdown:

The Clean Dirt- Whoever heard of washing your face with dirt right? Well, it's genius and here's why: this powder-to-paste cleanser transforms before your eyes when activated with water.  It smells like gingerbread, it's so yummy.  It works great at completely removing all traces of make-up, oil and dirt - polishing the skin gently, yet deeply, right down to every pore, without missing a beat.  Leaves skin clean but also so super duper soft, like a fluffy pillow and ready for step 2:

Notice how the dirt foams and bubbles up a bit until it becomes a mouse-like consistency.  I like leaving it on for about 5 minutes after I've gone over my entire face, just to let it do its magic, then rinse your skin with warm water until no more product is left behind, then cold water to close your pores. 

After the clean dirt it's time for the mask treatment: The Problem Solver.  It's a jet-black compound of raw cacao, bamboo charcoal, salts and exotic spices.  It gets down deep, deep, DEEP into pores to remove toxins from your pores, purifying and tightening AND healing blemishes.  Your skin will heat up a little bit, but it's nothing unbearable (will dissipate within seconds) it just means the mask has started to activate and is working.  P.S. This product also smells sensational.  Wash mask off after it dries completely. 

Next comes moisturization: The Youth Dew.  A powerful serum featuring 20 incredible plant extracts and botanical oils that help to reverse damage and protect it from future damage - very, very high in antioxidant goodness!  Hydrate, sooth, calm and balance with the love of this serum.

Lastly, it's time for body care - The Good Stuff .  I'm not one for using heavy lotions after showering, I prefer the lightness of serums and/or oils since they penetrate the dermis much better and absorb quickly.  This oil features ingredients like: cocoa, rose, lavender, ylang-ylang and macadamia nut.  Smells so good and really does tantalize your senses and delivers this unprecedented glow you won't believe.   

That's it!  The complete skin set has it all.  These products last a long time and will leave quite an unforgettable impression on you.  This entire line will change the way you view botanicals, clays, salts and spices with a new found appreciation. 

Stay Beautiful!

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