Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Benefits of Rosebud Tea

"What inspires me is the simple truth that tea, like love, has no boundaries. 
It is available everywhere and within the reach of everyone. It is simple and pure. 
All you need is hot water and the patience to linger a few moments while the tea leaves dance." 
- Nini Ordoubadi

There are mornings when I wake up a little early just to enjoy some quiet time alone and reflect on the day ahead.  On colder days, nothing soothes, comforts or warms the bones like a hot cup of herbal tea.  And when 'aunt flo' comes for her monthly visit, the tea I turn too is rosebud tea.

Rosebud tea is one of those miraculous herbal wonders not many women have had the pleasure of experiencing, but really should.  Often called, "the lady's tea", rosebud tea has incredible health benefits for women.  Roses are an excellent natural treatment for menstrual cramps and PMS.  It reduces breast tenderness and even improves endocrine disorders.  It calms the nerves and stabilizes emotional ups and downs, balancing the mind while nurturing the spirit. 

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a cup of rosebud tea a day can also keep you beautiful for years to come.  Roses have beautifying purposes for the skin, they help remove dark spots and increase pore stability, which means less clogging and PH level issues.  An overly acidic epidermal PH causes breakouts, rosebud tea improves oily skin conditions for better looking skin.  A more radiant complexion is the result of a sip or two of rosebud tea.

Used externally, rosebuds make for a terrific at-home facial steam.  It leaves your skin kissably soft, toned and glowing while relieving any signs of skin stress.  Just drop a hand full of dry rose buds into a bowl of hot water. Cover face over bowl with a towel for 10 minutes.   After you've steamed, dip a cotton ball into the bowl and use the toner liquid to removing impurities.

Other benefits include:

* Boosting the immune system
* Protecting the body from free-radical damage
* Defending against stomach & liver distress
* Improving blood circulation
* Easing constipation
* Relieving pain in the knees
* Aiding in the healing of wounds
* Relieving indigestion

To make the perfect cup of rosebud tea:
  • Use 2 TBS of organic dried rosebuds.
  • Add boiling water and seep for 20 minutes - the longer the steep, the more beneficial the effects of the tea. 
  • Flavor with organic raw honey and enjoy.  

Rosebud tea has a very sweet, floral and tranquil aroma that even hours after brewing, the rose fragrance still fills the room.  This caffeine free tea is an terrific refresher with calming qualities to elevate your day!


  1. Hi Laura,
    I just stumbled on you blog.Thanks for the lovely post!

  2. Hi, great info, thank you. However I'm wondering if the temperature would denature the vitamins in the Rose buds? Especially vitamin C which is very heat sensitive. Thank you.

  3. Rose has many medicinal benefits. And even dried rose has some good nature for cures.


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