Monday, February 10, 2014

Amongst the Waves: It's Like Being at the Beach Everyday

It's amazing how scent can be the most powerful memory trigger, taking us back to a time and place we wish we could relive again and again....and again.  In college around the late 90's there was one significant fragrance I wore everyday, I guess you could say it was my signature scent, since everyone remembered me by this fragrance.  Even till this day, if I come across this same smell I'm instantly reminded of my college days and all the wonderful memories that were born back then - That scent:  Victoria's Secret Amber Romance.

Since then my taste in perfume has matured, but the vivid rush of memories that follows a particular scent I wear always continues.  My latest infatuation is a perfume from Olivine called Amongst the Waves, which is reminiscent of being on a tropical beach somewhere in Hawaii, Tahiti or Fiji, where the hot sand plays with your toes and the ocean breeze caresses the curves of your face.   I can't help but gravitate to this aroma more so than any other current fragrance sitting pretty on my dresser, they all compete for my attention, but this beautiful and relaxed paradise in a bottle takes me back to my summer vacation in Antigua.  

One whiff of Amongst the Waves and I feel like I'm living the hot island life all over again.  A whisper of ocean salt, coconut and wild flowers dance in the air right before they all land gently behind my ears, my collarbone and the pulse points of my wrists.  That's the best way I can describe the scent of this fragrance, and each time I wear it my fondest memories of Antigua are relived. 

If you're anything like me and you love the smell of the summer, cool ocean waves and white sandy beaches, then you will, no doubt, adore this fragrance.  Each perfume comes packaged with a gold glitter dipped feather that underscores the lush, sensual experience of the scent.  I feel really good wearing this perfume, it's not too heavy or too faint - it's just right. 


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