Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I'm a Pukka Tea Girl - 4 Favorites!!

It's no secret to the ones who know me the best that I'm crazy for herbal tea. I love what a good hot cup of tea can do for my health and well-being, how it uplifts my spirits, restores my health and rejuvenates my senses. The right cup of tea makes a huge difference in my day; first thing in the morning it awakes me and last thing at night it relaxes me.

I collect herbal teas from all over - whether on vacation, gifts I've been given by friends or family or teas I've stumbled upon by accident, I always appreciate a new find. Since there are so many out there; not so good ones and super duper good ones, I've recently fallen in love with the Pukka Tea Brand. There are three varieties that I really adore and here are their stats and what they have the power to do for you:

MORNING (Three-Tulsi):

Some mornings I can barely get myself out of bed. I need a siren blown in my ear just to wake me. Have you been there? Tired, groggy and well....sorta cranky. I kick off my covers in a huff, drag myself into the shower in hopes I don't drown yawing a million times, and begin the a.m. tussle with myself. After I finish (still not fully awake) I make my way to the kitchen and spot my herbal tea collection. My only fix is my Pukka Three Tulsi Tea.

Tulsi or "Holy Basil" is a very yummy flavored aromatic tea. It comes from the mint family so if you're a big fan of using mint in your beverages or cooking and baking with mint, then you'll really come to appreciate this tea too. I like that it contains three different types of tulsi; green, purple and lemon. It helps your spirit soar and leaves you feeling ready for the day ahead. No cold shower alone can do that. I flavor it with a tsp. of raw honey and a squeeze of lemon or lime - that's it. No sugar needed. It's so good to drink tea that has a purpose - making you feel better so you can take charge of your day.

MIDDAY (Refresh):

Personally, when I think about an after-lunch drink I want something that can not only calm my tummy but can also freshen my breath. Who wants dragon breath at work or in any setting? See, peppermint has that power and it's found in Pukka's Peppermint Refresh tea. It clears out that sense of fullness after eating, has this insane cooling effect that balances your whole body and soul. It's perfect after a meal to freshen your palate.

If hot tea is not what I'm in the mood for due to the already crazy hot weather outside, I just brew it and drop a few ice cubes into my mug and it's still just as delicious. Again, I add a fresh squeeze of lemon or lime juice and some raw honey and it tastes so great. This tea is accompanied by licorice and fennel - two known herbs to improve digestion.


When it's time to retreat and get my much needed beauty sleep, I don't like ending up as the night owl - are you with me? I need my sleep. I need that restful, deep, toss-free night's rest that helps me feel energized in the morning. Drinking a cup of this tea a half hour before bed prepares me to drift off to dreamland easily and sleep a whole lot better. Pukka's Night time Tea is fantastic at helping me wind down when the end of the day beckons.

I can smell the lavender and lime flower in this cup. We all know how great lavender is at calming us right? But lime flower is just as terrific. It has so many awesome qualities. For one thing, it helps treat insomnia. So if you have a lot of trouble going to bed, this is the tea to try, for at least 7 nights in a row, brew this tea right before retiring to bed and you'll feel the difference. Second, it relieves tension (another reason for the insomnia) and anxiety and reduces muscle tension. This tea is the answer to a restless night's sleep because it's a stress-reliever in a cup.

WEEKEND (Detox):

The best time for a detox for me is usually the weekend. For 3 days I drink this tea to eliminate toxins from my body and bring my body back into harmony. It's so important to do that, you have no idea how toxic laden your body is mostly from the things we consume through food, water, breathing, and the things we come in contact with. And without a regular detox treatment, it can seriously become bogged down and sluggish. So, Pukka's Detox Tea is cool because it only has 3 ingredients and they all help detox your system in a non-harsh way so you feel better even after the first day. Like someone gave you a jump-start.

It's been said that when you detox, you throw away the old and usher in new beginnings. Well, that's what I try to remind myself of when I sip this very delicious, good for me and my body tea. It's a pretty neat experience that you can actually feel your senses come alive. :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking an interest in what interests me - herbal teas! Share the love with others and share the knowledge of how great and beneficial a great cup of herbal tea can be.

Stay Beautiful!


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