Monday, September 8, 2014

The Multi-purpose Healer

Whenever my skin needs a little extra tender loving care, calendula salve always comes to my rescue.  I've adored this stuff since my mother introduced me to it as a teenager.  At first I thought calendula was only good for scrapes and cuts or the occasional insect bite, but then I discovered that calendla oil is also an exceptionally effective remedy against blemishes too.

Before I realized how amazing calendula was, I used to attack my blemishes with an ice cube right before bed.  Place it over your zit and let the coldness reduce the swelling - sounds like a great idea but it never really worked.  All I got from that experience were some very numb fingers.  Then one morning back in the 10th grade, I remember waking up with a severe case of cystic acne gone wrong - It appeared right under my left eye and swelled my eye shut.  What a pretty picture that was.  What came to my aid was my mother's calendula salve which she always kept on hand in case of emergencies.  A few days later my face was back to normal and all because of the healing powers of calendula.

This stuff is AMAZING!

Calendula works because it's taken from mother nature -untainted and untouched by man -  That's what my mother always says.  Plants have such a remarkable way of healing us and this plant in particular speeds up the healing process by increasing blood flow to the affect area. It reduces painful inflammation, encourages collagen production and acts as an immuno-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial agent.  Wowzers!  No wonder my skin looks amazing after I wake up in the morning - it's all because of how well this little bugger can heal and soothe.

Another great benefit of MJ's Herbals Calendula salve is its usefulness as a treatment for cracked and dry skin.  It may look greasy but it's unlike other salve's out there, no grease, just moisturized skin ready to take on the world with a great big smile.  It's wonderful too for healing burned skin, whether you've done so by letting your curling iron get a little too close to your forehead or you've spent too much time in the hot sun trying to get that perfect tan.  It just works wonders!  It's a very powerful oil yet acts in a completely gentle manner and soothes as it comforts.  And yes, it even works GREAT for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and more....

I guess you can call MJ's Calendula Salve the perfect boo-boo healer! :) Forget Neosporin and reach for something natural and powerful without the use of petroleum jelly- ewwww!  I have yet to be disappointed by this stuff and I doubt that will ever happen!


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  1. This is good to know. I'm in to all natural products for my hair and skin. I try to find out something new about any herb essential oil etc as much as
    possible. Nice blog thanks for sharing


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