Monday, July 21, 2014

Dry, Damaged Hair Needs Moisture....Shea Moisture!

Over the weekend while grocery shopping a woman walked up to me and asked, "Your hair is so pretty and healthy is it yours?"  I smiled.  And then like a cartoon character on T.V. I saw this strange thought bubble appear above my head with a picture of my shampoo & conditioner sitting in it as I realized this was the reason for this woman's reaction to my hair.  Funny!  It may have been an odd way to send a compliment but I understood what she meant and I was flattered by her inquiry.  I, of course, shared my secret with her and now I will be sharing it with you too.....

First off, I have to say this:  I wasn't born with great hair.  I've always had very thick, coarse and hard to manage hair.  My sister, on the other hand, has a perfect head of hair - always has, always will I'm sure.  (For arguments sake, let's just say we hate her).  But me, I've had the mop from hell on my head.  For years, even in my early teens, I would always color-treat it, straighten it, curl it, blow-dry it, crimp it - I really put my locks through the ringer.  That's probably why I've struggled with it so much, from all the damage that was done.  

Well, using harsh and abrasive commercial brand hair care products didn't help matters either.  So, I started researching organic brands.  I surfed the net in search of something new and something better to treat this mucky muck I made of my tresses.  That's when I found Shea Moisture.  I started reading the ingredient list and was left very impressed.   Two options faced me - I could either try it or be stuck with brittle, damaged, wicker basket-looking hair.

You guessed it....I tried it.  Here's the low-down....

Shea Moisture - Moisture Retention Shampoo -  This contains very healthy ingredients like shea butter, aloe vera juice, sea kelp extract and honeysuckle flower among a few others.  Moisturizes locks so they can heal, grow, and strengthen.  I use it once per week or twice depending on what my hair needs.  Never over-wash, it can draw out the valuable oils from the scalp and cause greasy hair do to shampoo and conditioner overload.

Shea Moisture - Restorative Conditioner - This is my absolute favorite.  I have very long hair and need a lot of conditioner and this really gets the job done, especially with repairing the dryness and the damage.  I found that it left my hair super soft, shiny and noticeably improved.  Shea butter and argan oil are very nourishing and did I mention the smell? Oh boy, it's amaze-balls!

I leave my conditioner in for about 5-7 minutes, then rinse with cold water.  Sounds crazy but rinsing with cold water near the end of your shower actually prevents frizzy hair and makes hair even that much shiner.

Shea Moisture - Extra Moisture Detangler - This product is excellent at being able to detangle hair and remove knots, if you process your hair often and blow-dry often and straighten your hair often then you can agree that your hair will feel very rough and course near the ends - where tangling is obvious, but I found that this product helps remove that problem and keeps my hair smooth, very very smooth in fact.   Plus, it restores body, shine and manageability - that's lovely!

I love the extra moisture detangler!
If I decide to air-dry my hair, it curls up but doesn't frizz - not with this detangling formula.  Or if I decide to straighten with a flat iron, I still get great results because my hair is really smooth and tangle free.  I love using all three together. 

So, don't be envious of those with healthy, strong, sexy hair - Be the one that's envied!

Stay Beautiful

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