Sunday, January 12, 2014

Don't Gimme Any Lip, Unless It's Non-Toxic

I'm not a lipstick junky.  My pout prefers the balms.  If I want a hint of color, I choose one with a splash of fruit pigments nestled inside; sorry but the lipstick fad for me was over in the 90's.  I'm dead set against jeopardizing my health for the sake of a red lip.

When it comes to lip treatments though, I'm the worst critic.  Some lip balms come cased in these chic and cute packages that may look adorable on the outside but taste awful, bitter and yucky.  Others are simple and to the point, "Hey I'm chap-stick, bring your lips over here", but they're filled with nothing but chemicals, dyes, and allergins - give me a break, how is that supposed to be good for my lips?

I'm so glad I've wised up and moved on to something healthier and kinder like in The Rain Lip Therapy Balm .  It not only houses the most nourishing and super-vitamin enriched lip fix for your moisture starving lips but also comes in this unique tear drop packaging that makes it look so cute. 

This lip balm has a slew of healthy oils in it like; castor oil, aloe vera, macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, kukui nut oil, mango and honeysuckle oil.  Dry cracked lips are cradled in the creamy texture of this balm.  It melts right in like butter and restores their youthful healthy appearance by reducing fine lines and plumping up the volume.  The combination of natural ingredients make this a really effective treatment come rain or shine.  

The colours in the Rain lip therapy collection are subtle with just a tinge of sparkle and a burst of tasty flavor.  The sky shade (MINT) is my favorite, it doesn't offer any kind of color to my lips but I love it for the translucent tint and citrus tang that lingers on my mouth ( I love oranges).  The pearl shade (COCONUT) is another colorless lip tone that leaves a wonderful coconut and mint flavor to be admired.  Lastly, the suite shade (STRAWBERRY) is really a delight. 

It's interesting to note that lip balms this sincere and non-sticky are greatly appreciated by a lip salve extremist like myself - ever had your hair get stuck to your lips after applying a sticky, messy lip stain? I have, many many times over, but not with this stuff.  It's cute to carry around, doesn't take up any space in your purse and is really, really good for your pout.  Moisturize, soften, hydrate and show off smoother lips to the world......or just your man.

A girl can never have too many lip balms!

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