Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Famous Oil Cleansing Method

Want to know how to keep your pores clean and get rid of blackheads & pimples?  Here's a super easy recipe that deep cleans and pulls ugly dirt and crime from those clogged pores.  It's called the oil cleanse and it goes a little something like this:

You pick two high-quality, pure, cold-pressed oils to use as your face wash.  No need to remove makeup beforehand, the oils do the trick just fine.  You mingle 50% of each oil in a small bowl and apply to your face, massaging all over and paying special attention to problem areas; nose (blackheads) eyes (removing makeup) chin (pimples, clogged pores), etc.  After approximately 2 minutes or so, or until oil cleanse has done its necessary cleaning, you may begin to rinse the oil off.   

You may rinse with water (which takes forever) or simply take a clean wash cloth, dip it into hot water and place it to your face; leaving it on for a minute or so, as to allow the oils and steam from the wash cloth to pull the nasty dirt from your pores.  Then proceed to wipe away the rest of the oil reside gently.  Your skin may feel a bit gritty, but that's a great sign:  it means your pores have gotten that necessary cleaning they were dying for (high-five yourself).

Ta-Dah! You're finished and your skin is now dewy soft and cleaner than ever (go ahead touch it).

Oil cleansing has been around for ages.  It's the safe and natural way to cleanse your pores without stripping your skin of its natural oils like those store-bought cleansers tend to do.  They dry out your skin and even over-dry your pimples too (hey! that's attractive).  This oil cleansing method treats acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples, even cystic acne -the worst and most painful type of acne deeply routed under the skin.

If you practice this oil cleansing routine regularly, you will see improvement.  Use once or twice a week!

Always make certain you use 100% pure, cold-pressed oils, otherwise you can make your skin worse.  The quality of the oils does matter, so be choosy and pick the best of the best oils; your oil fussiness will pay off here.

You can use any of these combinations:

  • Castor Oil and Olive Oil  (50% of each, unless you have very dry skin then use only 1/3 castor oil and 50% olive oil).  Castor oil can be drying. 
  • Raw Coconut Oil and any other oil of your choice (coconut oil goes with anything)

Tonight, have your first oil cleansing party and watch your face get cleaner than ever - say goodbye to clogged pores and say hello to bright clear skin - True Story!

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