Thursday, December 19, 2013

Organic Face Toners: The 4 Best Options

IT'S TIME TO TONE IT UP!  Skin care regimes are never complete until the proper toner is involved.  Face toners can help you achieve that radiantly clear and healthy complexion by....

  Helping to balance the PH level of your skin
      Tighten large pores
      Clean acne-prone skin and heal blemishes
      Hydrate and reveal luminosity
      Helping to prepare the skin for further treatment (moisture, spot-treatment or facial mask).
    Not all toners are created the same.  Most are just vying for your attention but ignore them; if they're not organic or natural based, they won't offer your skin anything beneficial and can actually turn your skin against you. 

    Today's winner's circle includes 4 top picks:  

    1.) Kahina Giving Beauty Toning Mist- a beautiful organic toner designed to hydrate, calm and refine the skin.  It replenishes moisture throughout the day, calms any skin irritation and even adds radiance, tones and minimizes large pores, and increases the efficiency of any serums used afterwards.

    2.) Vered Organic Botanicals Herb-Infused Toner - a certified organic herb inspired toner to balance and nourish the skin.  Non-drying and perfect for removing dirt, oil and make-up.  Has an aroma of steeped-tea, very pure and natural with scents of lemongrass, chamomile and lavender to take your nose for a ride; this is an herbal-toning cocktail! Suitable for all skin types.

    3.) Pai Lotus & Orange Blossom Toner - this toner is devoted to dry or sensitive skin-types.  It's vitamin and amino acid enriched to perfectly balance the skin's PH level.  Will visible redness and improves skin tone and texture.  Organically wonderful and Naturally 100% alcohol free.

    4.) SW Basics Toner for Blemished Skin -a great toner if you have very oily and blemished skin.  This toner will even skin tone after cleansing and help neutralize your skin's PH which means your both less oily and less dry.  Made organically with only 5 ingredients: water, organic raw apple cider vinegar, witch hazel and organic essential oils. GREAT NIGHTTIME TONER!

    Proper skin care always includes the 3 most vital steps: Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize.  And a great toner is never an afterthought, it's always part of the 3 step program to clearer and healthier skin.  Choose Wisely!

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