Friday, November 1, 2013

RMS Beauty Is The Bombshell of Cosmetics

Be honest.  Have you ever tried to figure out what's inside your current brand of makeup?  Have you looked and really read through the whole entourage of ingredients that are listed?  Well, I have and I have to say, it's scary as hell.  To know that every single time you use a store-bought foundation brand or concealer stick that you're allowing your skin to be subjected to toxins and chemicals and cancer causing junk that are being easily absorbed into your system.  My goodness, even talking about it is giving me the heebie jeebies.

I know how frustrating it is trying to find that perfect makeup, the one that covers all yet still looks natural.  Makeup should enhance our features, not cover them up or mask what God has given you.  Wearing makeup everyday should be safe for us chickies, not just for our skin but for our health too.

Enter RMS.....

When I first saw an article about RMS Beauty a few years back, I was instantly attracted to it; I think I said something like, "OH MY" and then fainted - okay well, maybe I didn't faint per say, but I was ecstatically happy.  RMS is an all natural and organic brand featuring thee most amazingly rich and eye-catching colors ever to be seen in organic makeup.

For months before this day arrived, I was searching & searching for a more natural brand and couldn't find anything that actually covered like the other makeup brands, the icky ones with those bad ingredients I wanted to say away from.  Then I found this.... "Un" Cover-Up Concealer


The Un-Cover Concealer is so lightweight on the skin that you won't even remember you have it one, nor will anyone else be able to tell that you're covered up.  But it covers and you can build the coverage without having that line of demarcation all along your jaw line - ewww I hate that!

Concealer comes in 5 beautiful shades:

Shade #00 is for fair skin with cool, pink, or blue undertones.

Shade #11 is for light skin with yellow or neutral undertones.

Shade #22 is for light medium skin with warm, olive, or neutral undertones.

Shade #33 is for medium skin with olive, yellow or neutral undertones.

Shade #44 is for toasty skin with neutral, yellow or red undertones.

The "Un" Cover-up Concealer impressed me so much that I gave the "Un" Powder a try - it works together with the concealer to create this really pretty finish or to set make-up into place. 


What I love about this powder is that it's not like other heavy cakey powders out there.  It is ultra fine and light reflective and makes your skin look picture perfect (hi, selfie).  It's a virtually invisible powder that minimizes the appearance of pores, softens the skin and absorbs oil.  It's the only powder you'll ever need, trust me!

As far as your glow is concerned, RMS Beauty has that covered too with the incredible and so gorgeous highlighter - anywhere you want to appear more luminous, just dab, dab a little and off you go.  It's the Living Luminizer, and it's the ultimate illuminator for creating a sensuous, sheer glow.  P.S. - no toxins!


When it's time to gloss up my lips, I use RMS Beauty's LipShine Collection.  The purity of these ingredients makes me feel so safe when wearing them all day long.  I absolutely cannot walk out of my house without some color on my lips and lip gloss like this - without the nasties- makes me wanna do cartwheels up and down my driveway, that's how excited I get. 

My two favorite shades are Bloom & Sublime.  One is more subtle than the next, but on those days or nights when I want to draw a little more attention, I use sublime for that pop of color.


For healthy rosy cheekbones that look sun-kissed, I love, love, love (with a capital L) the Lip2Cheek color range.  You can wear it over cheeks, over lips, or even over eyes - do with it as you please.  It contains moringa oil (rich in all sorts of delicious vitamins, nutrients, and fatty acids) for antioxidant protection, and comes in so many colors to choose from.
Demure: A soft pink rose with a hint of mauve that makes a statement.

Promise: A warm salmon-pink with a very subtle golden shimmer.

Illusive: A matte burnt rose hue with a hint of plum.

Modest: A fresh, rich berry pink color.

 My current cheek color: ILLUSIVE


Lastly, to dress up your eyes, the Cream Eye Shadow delivers rich color to your beautiful eyes while hydrating them all at the same time.  It works just like skin care products - makes lids look glamorous and sexy, while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.  You can't say that about conventional eye shadows can you?  Don't even try to compare this line with any other - while others speed aging and draw focus on lines and imperfections, this eye shadow nourishes and moisturizes the eye area.   I love it to pieces.

Check em' out and share the love of RMS with your conventional makeup buying friends, they'll be so enamored, you won't be able to tear them away :)


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