Friday, November 29, 2013

Baby Foot Exfoliating Peel

The Baby Foot Peel is probably one of the strangest yet coolest inventions I have ever come across since the hair straightener.  And if you're anything like me, you'll try anything to get callous-free baby soft feet, even if that means wearing gel-filled booties for an hour.

What most of us don't realize or even consider, is that there are more than 80 layers of dead skin accumulated on our feet everyday.  How gross is that? And while pedicures are a nice treat they don't always remove ALL the dead skin layers from your feet.  So why pay for something that only looks good but doesn't feel good?

There are multiple layers of dead skin on our feet that don't get exfoliated to the degree we need them to be; the filing, scrubbing, polishing and pumice stoning, don't penetrate all the way through.

That's why this product is so super duper cool.  The Baby Foot Peel is easy and convenient because you can do this in the privacy of your own home.

What is it?

It’s a cute little boxed kit that contains a pair of plastic booties pre-filled with an exfoliating gel made from 17 different natural extracts and fruit acids.  So while you're at home just chill-axing away, you slip these booties on, wait an hour and the gel seeps into the multiple layers of skin on your feet and dissolves the desmosomes (adhesive fibers) between those layers.

Then, it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks (after the treatment) for the skin to begin peeling off  (no pain included).  Afterwards you're left with smooth, soft baby-like skin underneath.

What was my verdict?

After my kit arrived in the mail, I followed the directions to the T--removed nail polish and washed my feet thoroughly to remove lotions and oils and what not.  I made sure I had everything I needed at my disposal before I placed the cutsie tootsie booties on.  These booties are not made to walk around in, you should be able to take an hour out of your day and sit your butt down and relax.  Either watch a movie, read a magazine, talk on the phone, whatever--just park it.

I placed the gel pack booties on my feet and waited one hour, then I rinsed with soap and water and went about my day.  The feeling was kind of wet with a slight tingling sensation but nothing unbearable. 

On day 3 (for me) is when I started to see the dead skin begin to peel away from my feet and it was cool yet oddly strange since I'd never seen a product that could do this.  I did nothing but wear the gel filled socks for one hour and now slowly but surely everyday my feet were beginning to look brand-new.  All of this dead skin, more so than I thought I had, was coming off and sometimes in sheets (that doesn't sound too great but trust me, it was).

By day 7, all the dead skin had been removed and my feet were extremely soft--I can't even tell you.  Even now, a month later, my feet still look fabulous.  I would say the best time to try this out would be now; during the colder season, when you're not out wearing flip flops, so that as your skin is peeling away and revealing newer, softer skin beneath, you won't feel self-conscious walking around letting everyone see what's going on with your feet.  

My verdict is that the Baby Foot Peel absolutely works and everyone's results will be different, meaning that for some, (like my husband) it took around 10 days to remove all of the dead skin because he never exfoliates the soles of his feet.  As for me, by day 5 I saw complete results.

I also love that it uses no chemicals, just natural ingredients to exfoliate the one place most of us don't pay that much attention too. 

It's a definite win-win for me and something I'll try again before the summer comes!


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