Monday, October 6, 2014

Good Health is the Best Wealth

I don't like feeling tired, stressed out, sleep deprived, moody, worried and agitated or any of the other million emotions that can sometimes take over my body like a crazy person possessed.  It's ain't pretty.  I can barely function - left untreated for too long and I run the risk of burning myself out.  Sheesh! My immune system can't take much of that.  The remedy: As soon as I notice something is "off" I act quickly by listening to what my body is trying to tell me, at times she's screaming, "I NEED SLEEP", other times she's more subtle, "I can't focus" or "I have no energy today."

Getting my system back on track is crucial to my over-all health and my state of mind, so the quicker I take action, the quicker I start seeing positive results.   If I'm having trouble falling sleeping or getting a restful nights sleep, I use the Solid Eight herbal drops to promote relaxation, calmness, quiet racing thoughts, and reduce dreams that disturb my sleep.  It has definitely helped me not only get to sleep faster but also sleep deeper without waking up throughout the night.  The outcome: I wake up feeling really, really good (no grogginess) and I can sail through my day with ease.  It has 6 herbal ingredients that work tremendously great together and all I need is 10 drops to a glass of water 30 minutes before I'm ready to retire for the night.

Then once a month when those mood swings become unbearable for me and everyone around me, I add about 10-15 drops of the Peace Maker to a glass of water and voila! Now, I'm in control of my emotions instead of my emotions controlling me, I also feel less irritable and PMS free ( I can just hear my husband clapping in the background).  Peace Maker is a beautifully made product - 11 herbs all working in-sync to help me feel better and feel happier.  Sayonara PMS, I give you the boot!

This one is my husbands favorite: Peak Power.  He's an avid athlete, more so than I have time for, and right before his workout he adds a few drops of this herbal liquid to his water and he says he can feel his physical stamina being enhanced, adrenal fatigue being reduced, and recovery from over-exertion being minimized as well.  Talk about perks, this definitely wins in that category.  Made with 13 herbs, all free from artificial nonsense, sugars, wheat, gluten, dairy and soy.

My last go-to, the one that supports all the stresses of my day, the one that helps me handle what life throws at me by easing my feelings of becoming over-whelmed, short-tempered, angry, or irritated.  It's called: Decompress.  Rightfully named decompress because it does just that - helps you wind down, take it easy - basically, take a chill pill.  Composed of 8 wonderful Chinese herbs that really, really help you take the edge off.

Nothing makes life easier and helps me stay healthier than the help of some super-powered liquid Chinese herbs.  Thank Goodness for ancient herbs being the answer to a modern world.  :)

Stay Healthy....


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