Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Perks of Sweating + How to Keep your Pits Poetic

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Good things come to those who sweat - did you know that?  Yep, you stinky adorable thing you.  Sweating is awesome for your health.  It cleanses the body of stored toxins harmful substances AND even disease.  I know, scary.  But think about this, when you're sick what happens? You get under the covers, crank up the heat and sweat those germs out.  Why?  Sweat pushes out waste, junk, toxins and sickness from your blood, liver, kidney's, and lymphatic system, so you can start feeling better.  They escape through your pores - It's like your very own natural anti-biotic. 

A good sweat session never hurt anyone, in fact, sweating more often helps improve circulation and blood flow.  That rosy glow you get during and after exercise - that's increased oxygen and blood flow and it's good for you.  I don't mind that red flushed look after a high-intensity workout or yoga class.  Your skin's elasticity and tone will take on a healthier appearance due to the release of toxins.  Improved digestion is another positive outcome to look forward too as well as stress relief from a great workout where moving + sweating is the name of the game.  But that's not all.....

  • Sweating boosts endorphins, those feel-good molecules released in the brain make you happier and also act as pain-killers, it just eases pain away.   
  • Sweating is a certified zit-killer.  Your pores are open when you sweat, so dirt, grime and other gunk can escape.  But remember to wash your face with an organic cleanser after your workout and seal those pores closed with a cold water wash after.
  • A super-sweat induced session rids the body of heavy metals.  Sweat it out girlfriend.
  • Sweating keeps your body cool through evaporation.  Sure, when you sweat you feel like a hot mess, but as your body heats up, it turns sweat into water to evaporate, which leaves you cooler.
  • Sweating helps you lose weight.   The more you sweat, the more calories you are burning.  

So you see, sweating has its perks and you should be doing more of it.  But, as you're sweating and cleansing your body of gunk, you want to stay smelling fresh...or uh...poetic, as I love to say, so that's why I'm in love with this fantabulous product called: Poetic Pits.  A way to turn your stinky pits into a sweet scented aroma.  It allows you to sweat without blocking sweat glands, which leads to toxins being trapped inside you.  And hey, its all completely organic with essentials oils and all that jazz. 

The first time I knew this deodorant was a winner was a few hours after a high-intensity workout, I was sweating up a storm and still smelling good.  Then someone stopped me on my way out the door and ask, "wow, what perfume is that?"  If your deodorant gets mistaken for perfume, then that's one amazing scented bottle of underarm charm you've got there.   

I'm love the emerald green scent but also the rose glow.  Poetic Pits comes in many amazingly divine scents, and all you need is a couple swipes and you're ready to go.  It hold ups even in the most sweatiest of occasions - trust me! 

So be active, get sweaty, feel great, repeat - in that order!

Stay Healthy...


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