Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brighten Up That Dull Complexion

It's all in the power of "the boost" these days.  Immune system a little run down?  Give it a vitamin boost.  Energy levels low?  Boost it with a healthy snack.  Self-esteem?  Of course, boost that too (on the daily).  And skin?  Most definitely.  Especially if your skin is as dull as dishwater, then the promise of a brightening boost with One Love Organics Morning Glory Serum, is the one thing you can look forward too.

There are only 7 important essential ingredients in this product and raspberry leaf is listed as the first.  We love our raspberries, right?  But have you ever really thought about the importance raspberry leaf has for your skin?  Once I became educated on what this red berry wonder could do, I realized instantly why my skin was showing such signs of improvement in only 3 short weeks of day-to-day use.

Raspberry leaf is an excellent natural astringent in the same way witch hazel helps the complexion.  It treats acne and skin tone, evening it out daily and revealing less scarring that has to be constantly covered up by your poor over-worked concealer (Phew! What a relief).  Because raspberry leaf contains tannins, it helps to naturally tighten tissue, close pores, and limit the over-production of oil.  Less oil = less breakouts.   Once breakouts are healed, skin will glow with health and radiance and everyone you know will wonder where you got that glow factor from.  

All that's needed is a few drops on clean skin morning and night or whenever your skin's boost meter drops down a few notches, and there you have it.  Just like Christmas waves its magic wand over the earth making everything softer and more beautiful, so too your skin shall be.  Don't sacrifice your visage (no matter what conditions it's in) to chemical ingredients, use organic essential oils to heal and boost - Gosh, I'm really starting to become a big fan of that word. 

Stay Beautiful!

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