Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jet-setter's Healthy Travel Essentials

What to stow when you're on the go!  Whether traveling light for a long weekend or a business trip that requires a couple weeks away, packing light is something I always stick too.  These health and beauty essentials will turn an in-flight attack on your skin into something fresh and polished and even mood enhancing. 

The air on planes is dry and notorious for depleting skin of much-needed moisture, so here are some great organic must-haves for looking and feeling your best on and off the plane.

1.  Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment:  Quiet down that anxiety attack when flying and strengthen your inner spirit of calm with this stress relieving tonic.  Made with organic oils and no toxic chemicals, you apply this treatment in three pulse points:  inside of wrists, behind the ears, and on each side of the throat.  Whenever you feel overwhelmed by anxiety or stress, this powerful resinous aroma deepens the breathing and relaxes mind and body, helping allay fear, anxiety, nervous tension and stress.

2.  Herban Esssentials Lemon Towelettes:  Regular hand sanitizers contain a toxic chemical called triclosan, which is very dangerous to your health.  So, if getting rid of germs is on your traveling agenda, do it organically with these convenient lemon scented organic towelettes.  Sanitize your hands or any area you need cleaned.  Made with essentials oils and the fresh scent of lemon oil,  no alcohol at all.  Use anytime for a quick clean up without using soap and water.

3.  Kaia Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths:   Wash your face anywhere you want, without the use of water.  No rinsing is required, you can easily carry these cloths with you for those times when you need to freshen up or cleanse your face.   Regular soap and water, especially in high altitude, can be too harsh and drying to the skin, but these cloths have the perfect combination of honey, essential oils, oats, and sunflower seed oil to leave your skin moisturized and clean.

4.  Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray:  Spraying your face with a water mist is more than just a way to cool down hot skin.  This facial spritzer provides re-hydration, desensitizing and clarifying ingredients to the skin, so you can fly looking your best with the soothing and therapeutic wonders of thermal water. 

5.  PurO3 Fully Ozonated Avocado Oil:  Nothing sucks the dewy softness and goodness out of your skin like air travel.  But this oil, infused without heat and completely oxygen-rich improves the appearance, beauty and suppleness of skin.  When skin goes from great to bad, in a matter of hours, this oil will revive it like no other.

6.  Excellent Digestion High-Potency Digestive Enzymes:   Air travel can mess with your digestion and blood circulation.  Your sitting squished and immobile in a pressurized cabin for hours and this can cause problems, so the use of digestive enzymes can come to your aid when this happens.  The can help relieve and eliminate conditions like heartburn, indigestion, bloating, flatulence, skin issues and more. 

7.  Republic of Tea Get Relaxed Herb Tea:  Stressed out and feeling kind of edgy?  This herbal tea delivers composure in a tea cup, it helps mellow out your mood so you can fly with ease, chill out, unbend and unwind.  I love packing this with me when I fly, helps me de-stress and stay warm.  The beverage service on flights are outrageously unhealthy, full of sugar and all things crap-related.  But this tea is great for the nerves and full of herbs for a healthy mind and body. 

8.  Vi-tae Take it Easy (Stress Reducing) Bath Salts:  After landing, relieve the stress on your feet and sore muscles with this organic blend of bath salts.  Just soak for 20 minutes while the rich health-inducing minerals relieve pain and reduce inflammation.   Dead Sea salts contain essential minerals that condition your skin by increasing moisture and nourishment levels.  Helps improve your circulation and relax your tight muscles and joints.  Detoxifies and tones your skin. 

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