Friday, January 24, 2014

Say Bye Bye to Cellulite With Cardamom + Coffee

Kicking coffee out of your life can be like weaning a child away from the bottle, you throw a tantrum at first, but in the end you realize that all that caffeine can't be healthy for you.  Or can it?  Drinking coffee may not be a health conscious choice but using the coffee grounds certainly can be. 

This Fig + Yarrow Cardamom and Coffee Body Scrub takes coffee obsession to a new level.  It's the perfect way to treat and prevent cellulite while you shower.  The caffeine in coffee has a remarkable way (when used topically) to stimulate blood vessels to tighten and the skin to become more toned and detoxified, thus resulting in a very big parade in honor of your new beautiful skin - no more cellulite my beauties.

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how well it works and even has your shower smelling like Starbucks, without giving you the jitters. Bonus!  Fig + Yarrow blends organic coffee beans, cane sugar, cocoa, shea butter and cardamom to give you the shower experience of your life.  Cane sugar does a fantastic job at exfoliating the skin plus, it provides glycolic acid to renew the skin's surface while moisturizing and conditioning your beautiful self. 

Cardamom, if you're not familar with this lovely spice, is wonderful for the skin.  First off, cardamom is one of the most powerful antioxidant herbs that helps eliminate toxins from our system, our skin becomes healthy and glowing as a result.  The high antioxidant powers in this spice help us keep old age at bag, removing wrinkled, dimpled, and lumpy skin, lines and even age spots. 

Cellulite is influenced by poor diet, dehydration, hormone changes and even the thickness of the skin.  You can get rid of that puckered look by just drinking more water, eating a well-balanced healthy diet, staying away from sugar and exercising.  And while showering, smooth out skin with a caffeine + cardamom marinated scrub.  It works and it's natural! 

It's my new habit and maybe even yours!

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