Sunday, October 6, 2013

Digestive Enzymes: To Poop Or Not to Poop

Sea pickle.  Colon cannonballs.  Dropping the kids off at the pool -there are so many different and funny names for your poop.  But, whatever you wanna call it;  pooping isn't just for kicks and giggles.  If you want to be healthy, you've got to be regular.  Simply put: Whatever you're putting in your mouth should be coming out of your bum; that's just basic math -What goes in, must come out!

Cooking food above 105 degrees kills all living enzymes, making it impossible for your stomach to digest and absorb nutrients properly, and if you're not eating healthy as it is, food just sits in your stomach and rots.  Nice visual huh?  Toxins that are stored in your body, sooner or later, start to wreck havoc on your entire system. Think of it this way: If you eat cooked food, you need enzymes!

Enzymes found in raw food work with the body's own pancreatic enzymes to digest your meal.  But when there isn't an abundant supply, digestion is often blocked.  So, the more processed foods we eat, the less enzymes we have and the more difficult it becomes to digest the food we eat.

Enzymes are the important.  Your health depends on it.   If your digestion has been sluggish lately, don't turn to laxatives - they dehydrate the body and do not address the cause of the problem.  Digestive enzymes break down food and help you eliminate waste in a healthier way.

The Wood Nymph Excellent Digestion Enzymes, is a super potent digestive enzyme made with good care and love to help with the absorption of nutrients, so you can get all the benefits of a nutritious meal. Better food assimilation = more energy and vitality in your cells.  These enzymes not only facilitate digestion, they aid in preserving the proper pH in the gastrointestinal tract and act as a barrier against invasion of viruses and bad bacteria.

This is what you need by your side before every meal.  These enzymes are super potent!  You'll feel like a champ and your colon will be healthy.  Toxins are eliminated and your energy levels will increase.  No more discomfort after having a meal and this formula doesn't get destroyed by acid in the stomach, like most others, once you take it, it begins to work immediately.  

So, get enzyme happy!

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