Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Puttin' on the Spritz with Organic Scents

Toxic perfume anyone? Pee-ew!  I'm embracing the chemical free and allergy free movement in my home by ditching those old school, high class perfumes that cost a whole bunch, yet cause me all kinds of allergic reactions.  I'm welcoming in the new and improved way to smell puuurrrty - the essential oil fad...luxurious perfumes filled with healthy, all-natural essential oils that do your skin some good and won't jeopardize my health in the process.  No more sneezing, coughing and breaking out in a rash wherever I spritz. 

Organic perfumes are all the rage right now and I've found my top 4 favorite very lovely, very intoxicating and very alluring scents that are all-natural and allergy-free! Check em' out....

1) Red Flower Ambrette - This perfume is very pretty and very feminine.  It's absolutely synthetic-free and wildly pleasurable, composed of the intense purity of flower distillations, dark-tree resins, bright fresh herbs and ripe fruit extractions.  The scent is full of life and vibrational to the senses.  Unlike artificial fragrances, which smell identical on each person, red flower perfume interacts with the body’s natural oils, creating a unique scent that adds a whole dimension to the experience of wearing perfume.  You'll love it!

2)  LAVANILA The Healthy Fragrance -  This sensual blend of Madagascar vanilla, soft freesia and rich heliotrope is created by natural perfumers who use only the finest pure essential oils to come up with this blend.   It's more vanilla bean than vanilla cookie, so if you love vanilla, this one's a keeper. 

3)  A Perfume Organic (Green) - A juicy herbal potion with rose, black truffle, blue and roman chamomile and an overdose of ylang ylang with a smooth woody finish. Citrus fruits, rare spices and precious herbs. Very herby!

4) Acorelle Organic Perfume White Orchid -  This one is grrrrrreat - alleviate stress and anxiety with this calming blend of sandalwood, orange, vanilla, pear leaf, hawthorn, and patchouli.   Additional notes include elemi, cardamom, lemon, clove, elder, iris, raspberry and bush peach.  The mood-enhancing benefits of this perfume will astound you!

When the purity of these scents mingle with the essence of your own body heat, these fragrances come alive to reveal a scent only you could have created!   Wear it well, it looks good on you!

Go toxic-free this season and leave the toxic-fad behind you!

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