Monday, April 15, 2013

Tata Harper: The Champagne of Skincare

Have you ever become so captivated by a product that your love for it seems to border on the crazy, kooky side?  You're constantly smelling it, touching it, examining how much of it you still have left - Well, that's what happened to yours truly the day I discovered Tata Harper's skin care.  My infatuation for this particular skin care line came completely by accident and I wasn't expecting to develop such deep feelings for a product like I did with this, but my-oh-my did I ever fall in love.

At the time this brand graced my doorstep, I wasn't really searching for anything new to use.   I ordered a few products to try and was sent a few samples (thank goodness for that) along with my order.  Those samples happened to be Tata's beautiful vibrant green beauties starring at me from the bottom of my box.  To be truthful, I was about to toss them, I figured they were laced with perfumes and skin irritates that I didn't need, but for some odd reason I decided to look up the brand online and do some research of my own on who Tata Harper was and what the brand was all about.  That's when I feel in love with the products and with Tata Harper.  Her compassionate story of how she battled cancer and found a natural way to enjoy skin care products by developing her own line to cater to us girls who love beauty but don't want to sacrifice our health for it and I just couldn't help but be thankful to her for her journey and coming up with Tata Harper's Skin Care. 

My skin, at that moment, was in the 'okay' stages - it was clear enough with maybe a blemish or two here or there, but nothing that I felt needed immediate attention.  I was content using what I already had, then I opened my first sample of the cleanser, then moved on to the mask and then the serum and I have to tell you - my skin looked as if I had just had a whole day at a high-end luxury spa.  My pores were so small and my skin felt cleaner than my original cleanser had left it.  I was pleased, so very, very pleased.  I felt so beautiful that I wanted to go out and show off my skin to any and everybody. 

It's true what they say - using the same beauty products over and over again for too long and they start to become ineffective.  Your skin becomes used to the ingredients and they don't seem to have the same effect as in the beginning.  That's why switching up is a great idea from time to time, especially if you're not noticing that Wow-factor anymore, and you should - you're worth it.

Here's the scoop on this organic beauty brand:

There are between 9 - 29 active ingredients in every single bottle of Tata Harper's creations.  And each product on its own, is just as powerful as all of them put together.  This means that your skin will experience the same positive effect from using just one product as it would using the whole range. That's amazing to me, how many other products can you truthfully say that about?  Not many!

As a woman, it's always a pleasure being able to treat my skin to indulgences it's not used to on a daily basis, I mean, who has time to go to a spa every week, or the money for that matter?  But with these products, you will totally illuminate, lighten, brighten and illustrate your skin's best features, right at home.  Lounging around on a Sunday afternoon in your V.S. sweatpants, hair up in a bun and fuzzy bunny slippers, you can be cozy and comfortable while being your very own Esthetician (minus the painful pore extractions).  You can put your best face forward with organic high-end quality ingredients like these, that will never harm your face or aggravate your complexion. 

I absolutely adore the whole sample set, but I'm a fanatic about facial masks.  So, after cleansing I like giving my pores one last round of treatment by using the Resurfacing Mask.  It's not only a great exfoliator but also an even greater zit spot treatment.  It contains Willow Bark (a natural source of salicylic acid) that shrinks those bad-ass pimples overnight.  I use this about once per week to keep my skin balanced and exfoliated, or as a spot treater to zap zits - Use only a little, it goes a very long way.

Plus, if you have texture issues, this will give your skin a 360°turnaround in no time.  You will love it, I definitely do and the color and scent of this product is enough to make you go bonkers!  It's made with organic ingredients like: pink clay, beet extract, white willow extract, aloe vera, pomegrante enzymes and witch hazel.

Stay Beautiful!

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