Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hum Nutrition: What's the Dilly?

I've been poppin' pills since my mid teens.  Don't be alarmed though, my pills are of the vitamin variety and unlike milk they actually do my body good.  Everything from hair, skin and nails to omega's to blood cleansers to detox formulas - you name it, I've tried it.

Some people think taking vitamins is just 'fluff' but I beg to differ. Many of us don't get all the recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals, amino's, omega's, etc, from food that our bodies need to function properly, so that's where vitties come in for the rescue.  Sure you can eat right and make healthy food choices but that's not always practical for everyone, taking vitamins is the next best thing and I love the results these babies have brought me.....

The latest craze - Hum Vitamins!

For glamorous hair, skin and nails try the Red Carpet, pair it with the Daily Cleanse for superb results - detoxes and removes toxins from within so your skin is clearer, brighter and more luminous. To combat stress and anxiety (hello demanding job) you've got Uber Energy, or even a once a month ally for those PMS crazy times when you tend to be a little too touchy with Moody Bird (your significant other will definitely thank you for this one).   And let's not forget boosting important sun-craving skin with vitamin D with Here Comes The Sun.  With so many choices and cute catchy names, taking vitamins like these hasn't been this fun since the Flintstones chewables first came out.

My mom swears by the Smooth Operator for keeping lines and wrinkles under control and increasing collagen production and Time Capsule, for it's remarkable age-defying cell protection against environmental oxidative skin damage.  Coincidentally, I got my vitamin popping gene from her, she's been a fan of taking her vitamins since I was a little rug rat running around.  And she looks fabulous at the age 60 (move over Christie Brinkley) and cares about her health, which is what I was taught to do early on.   

One last reason to love this brand (like we even need another) is the fact that these products are gluten-free, contain no GMOs or artificial ingredients, are sustainably sourced, and are fully vegetarian. So, the next time you need an excuse to take your vitamins just remember - you've got no excuses!

Stay Beautiful!

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